+ Where are the courses held?

+ How do I book a course?

+ How do I pay for a course?

+ Refunds and Cancellations?

+ Do I receive a certificate once I have completed the course?

+ When do the courses start and end?

+ Will refreshments be provided during the course?

+ Will I get an opportunity to practise the actual aesthetic procedure during the course?

+ Is it necessary to bring a model?

+ How many models can I bring?

+ I don’t have any experience in aesthetics, are the courses suitable for me?

+ How many people are on the course?

+ What products are used in the training courses?

+ Can you run a bespoke course?

+ Where do my Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers come from?

+ How do I order my products through SUPPSCO?

+ What support can I expect from Medaesthetic Academy and SUPPSCO following the course?

+ How do I get clients and where would I practice?

+ How soon can I get started?

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