The Medaesthetic Academy was born out of the need to provide doctors with a practical and structured program to develop their neurotoxin and filler injection skills. Although still the foundation of the curriculum, it has grown and is still evolving to include training on the full spectrum of medical aesthetic modalities.

Due to Medical Aesthetics being a new and emerging field in medicine, no clear guidelines exist as to what the full spectrum might be. We are thus obliged to help define its exact parameters:;

There are three broad categories:

  1. Facial aesthetics
  2. Body aesthetics
  3.  Healthy aging. (Functional medicine)

With this in mind the curriculum has been set out to sequentially provide doctors first with the core knowledge to get started and then to progressively develop more advanced skill levels in all three categories. It is suggested that they accumulate some practical experience before they advance to the next level, as many subtle details might otherwise be lost.

As most of the techniques are practical in nature, a lot of attention is given to hands on skills development. Doctors are also afforded the opportunity to make use of our mentorship program that either brings them into an existing medical aesthetic environment to shadow an experienced injector or in certain cases it can be arranged for a mentor to come to them for further development.

All courses are registered for CPD points and the Medaesthetic Academy is also accredited by AAMSSA.

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