This half-day workshop is designed to upskill medical professionals that have already done a basic filler course to the next level of facial remodeling. The main goal is to help injectors evolve from 2D to a 3D approach.  Training is hands on and to maximize the learning opportunity a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 doctors per workshop is suggested. Areas covered will be cheek, chin and jawline.(all training will be provided by DR Chris Giezing)

Course outline

  1. Anatomy
  2. Facial aging  
  3. Aesthetics and the hierarchy of beauty
  4. Facial analysis

The course fee of R3500 will include lunch and refreshments as well as 1 syringe of Volumizing filler.

It is advisable that doctors bring their own models (with relevant problems) so that they can observe the development of results.

Sessions to “shadow” the trainer in a medical aesthetic environment combined with a “supervised injection session” is advisable for new injectors and can be arranged at a cost of R1500 per session.

One on one training can be arranged on request – P.O.R.

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